The Pepperell Connection

Paul Barker just moved to Pepperell Massachusetts for a fresh start after hand picking the Chief of Police opening. With credentials far beyond anyone in the candidate pool, he was a shoe in.  In his prior life, Paul was a New York City homicide detective with iconic status. Barbara Barker, Paul's reluctant and miserable wife is far from happy about leaving the big apple.

They barely settle in before an unresolved case in his old life contaminates his fresh start.  A young lady found in the Nashua River is found pierced with a wooden knife.  It's of the same design used on a case tagged 'The Stickman'.


The hunt is on.  Paul is rapidly trapped in a game controlled by a killer. 

Randall's book, 'The Pepperell Connection' is a grand twist of fate for Paul Barker. 

Now available on Kindle!

Edge of your seat suspension.

A different work of fiction set in quaint Pepperell Ma.

A mystery that feels like a thriller.

If you think every good mystery occurs in New York or L.A. or another big city you could be wrong.

If you like the off beaten path, try 'The Pepperell Connection'

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